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Common Pros & Cons of Steel Garage Doors

Common Pros & Cons of Steel Garage Doors

Are you planning to install a new overhead door? If yes, there are a number of choices available in the market. Before you go out to find the right door for your home or commercial building, decide on your budget, garage space, material, insulation, automatic operation and everything that matters the door opening and closing mechanism.

If you are on a high budget and want a luxury garage door, timber or wood is the material you should go for. In case, your budget is tight and all you want is your vehicle’s safety, invest in a steel garage door. If you don’t want to spend a lot more and a little less, invest in aluminum doors.

No matter, which door style or material you have chosen for installation, each of them has their own pros and cons. Since many people prefer installing a low cost steel door, here we’ll tell you some of its advantages and disadvantages so that you can end up making a better choice.
Pros Of A Steel Garage Door

  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Popular choice among homeowners
  • Comes with customized panels
  • Array of styles & designs available
  • Enhances the home appeal
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Less prone to weather damages

Cons Of A Steel Garage Door

  • Often the steel used is of low quality
  • A bit overpriced for the material
  • Provides a very little insulation
  • Less energy efficient

So, these were the few pros and cons offered by a steel garage door. Though it is affordable, the benefits it offers are far too less compared to wooden or aluminum overhead doors. If you are still unsure about which door style or material you should pick, please feel free to consult our professionals at Value Garage Doors in Mississauga.

All You Need To Know About Garage Door Cable Maintenance

All You Need To Know About Garage Door Cable Maintenance

The garage door is manufactured with various small to big components which operate the entire door. The components include the distinct springs and cables which allow your door to open and close moving smoothly. The garage door cable takes the responsibility to catch the door if the spring breaks down. This is why you have to monitor the garage door cables. There are three types of garage door cables. These are:

  • Torsion Springs: These spring type cable is a lock at one end and stops another end while it is secured by the cable.
  • Extension Springs: Due to long size, the extension springs need extended spring cables., because, it runs on both sides of the door.
  • Safety Cables: Safety cables are installed around the springs to prevent the damage or injury.

How The Garage Door Cables Works
In an unfortunate condition, when your spring breaks, it will put excessive energy on the door and due to an increased amount of force, the door will come down. This forceful action can become a serious problem. Thus, the safety cables work as a backup for broken extension springs and the risk of damage can be lessened.
Signs Of Damaged Cable Door

  • If your garage door is sticking when you open and close, surely it has problem.
  • If your garage door closes too fast, the cable has lost the control and it will break down.

Garage Door Cable Repair
The garage door is a complex mechanism which can open easily, but can’t close perfectly with little knowledge of mechanism. This is why homeowners are suggested immediately concern with the garage door specialist to repair it.
Value Garage Doors offers repair of residential and commercial garage door in Mississauga. Additionally, you can hire our experts for the installation, replacement and maintenance of garage door.

3 Proven Tips For Commercial Garage Doors Maintenance

3 Proven Tips For Commercial Garage Doors Maintenance

Commercial garage doors ensure the safety of each big to small material placed in your warehouse. A garage door that is functioning properly gives peace to your mind that everything is secure. In order to ensure it keeps on working condition, you need to make it withstand any seasonal changes. Because, commercial garage door prone to malfunctions due to lack of care.

So, using the certain important maintenance tips you can rest assured to improve the lifespan of the door ensuring seamless performance.

Inspect The Signs Of Rust The metal garage door stays for years if they are given proper maintenance. Due to unfavourable weather conditions, the garage door gets rusty that ruin the appearance as well as affect the life of a garage door. To sort out this problem you need to apply high-quality wax to the outer and inner side of the door.

Check InsulationNon-insulated garage doors may deliver the loss of energy, as a result, it delivers higher energy bills while regulating indoor temperature. When energy efficiency is a big concern for your commercial needs, you have to upgrade the insulated door. Make sure to check the insulation regularly to maintain the energy efficiency of the garage door.

Watch Out The Weather Seals Due to monsoon, if water is leaking under the roller door, it can cause to the damage of your garage and material you have placed inside. This requires to check the weather seals when there is rain or monsoon season. To resolve this problem you need to replace the bottom rubber seal installed with your garage door.

Keep an eye on your commercial garage door to run it for a long-lasting time. Whenever you are getting any issue, feel free to call Value Garage Doors Repair Mississauga. We have experts to offer 24/7 garage door installation, repair and maintenance services.

Dangers Associated With An Old Garage Door

Having an old garage door in your home or business can be extremely risky. It can be a great threat for you, your family and belongings. Apart from this, an old garage door can also harm the curb appeal of your property and reduce the real estate value. Whenever you face a problem with a garage door, never take it lightly and hire a professional technician for immediate help. It is important to get the door repaired periodically or get it replaced if the damages are beyond repair.

It is essential to replace the old garage door otherwise you can face major dangers that come along it:

A Garage Door Fall:
One of the major drawback of an old garage door is the higher chances of falling and crashing down anytime. This situation usually arises when the springs are damaged or outdated. It is advisable to inspect your door periodically and in case you found some serious issue, call a professional technician for the quick resolution.
Severe Break-ins:
One can face severe break-ins if an old garage door is not maintained and repaired on time. Sometimes, when the door is not functioning efficiently, there can be high chances of breakages. It usually happens due rusted spare parts which weaken the door. It’s important to go with higher security features to reduce the risk of thefts.
Fault In Sensors:
If the old door is not working properly, it can harm the performance of door’s reverse sensors and prevents it from closing properly. A serious defect can even lead to the breakage in the sensors.

An old risky door might cause harm to your family members so it’s better to replace it on time. To have an affordable garage door repair, you can choose our garage door professionals at Value Garage Doors.

Keep Your Garage Door Safe & Operational With These Maintenance Tips

Your garage door is the largest moving part of your home. It is liable to keep your home and belongings safe and secure. Study shows that, 50% of homeowners don’t pay much heed towards the maintenance of their garage doors. They ignore it until some serious issue arises. However, like other mechanical devices, your door also needs maintenance. So, it is vital to inspect your door twice a year to prevent any kind of inconvenient issues from occurring.

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