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Which Overhead Door Material Is Best?

Overhead Door Material

Installation or replacement of your garage door is one of the difficult tasks. As the garage doors come in a variety of material, you have to choose the one that suits your home appearance and last for many years to come. If you install a low-quality garage door, you will have to face problems with its earlier break-down or costly repair.

So, it will be better to choose the right garage door material for your residential and commercial premises. Below is a list of different door materials along with their features to help you in selecting the right door that fit your lifestyle and budget.

Top Five Garage Door Material

  • Wood
    By far, wood is one of the most beautiful and authentic material for your overhead doors. They stand up for a longer time, but you will need to provide them with frequent refinishing.
  • Steel
    Steel doors are manufactured using the two layers of galvanized steel. Due to the low maintenance quality, the steel doors are the first choice of property owners. But, they prone to dents and get rusted easily. To lower the risk of door damage, you can choose approx 24-25 gauge steel one or fiberglass overlay.
  • Vinyl
    A vinyl door is similar to fiberglass and extremely hard to break or dents. They are durable or may require repair occasionally. The only downside of vinyl garage doors is they come in considerable fewer designs and colors.
  • Aluminum
    Aluminum made doors are incredibly light in weight although its new range is studier and heavier. It has laminated panels that are resistant to dents. Moreover, aluminum garage doors are less expensive.
  • Fiberglass
    Fiberglass is resistant to dents and comes in a variety of finishes to deliver an aesthetic look at budget-friendly cost. But, fiberglass is not the most popular material.

Still, if you are unable to choose right garage door for your residential or commercial premises, then consult with professionals at Value Garage Doors. We provide garage door installation, replacement and repair services to our clients at an affordable cost. Call us anytime, we offer 24/7 emergency and same day services.