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Tips To Tackle A Noisy Garage Door

If a garage door rattles, squeaks and shrieks while opening and closing, it can be more than a mere inconvenience. Garage doors often create vibration while their operation. This creates a lot of loud and disruptive noises. Thus, homeowners need to prevent the vibration to reduce the noise level. A little maintenance can help you prevent the noise.

How to Quiet Your Doors?

  • The loose nuts and bolts maybe the reason of excessive disturbing noise. So, make sure to tighten the nut and bolts on the door. But, don’t over-tighten the screws.

  • Garage doors is made up of various moving parts that must be maintained. Use good quality lubricant to lubricate the springs. Also lubricate the tracks, hinges between the panels, metal rollers and other moving part of the door causing vibration. All the moving parts should be lubricated twice a year to ensure a noise free door.

  • Carefully inspect the garage door rollers. Nylon rollers are quieter than metal rollers and also require less maintenance and lubrication. They can be a great solution help for homeowners who are sick and tired of garage door noises. Replace the rollers and enjoy the comfort of smooth and noise free door.

  • The damaged or worn out insulation strip can also be the reason for noise. So, check it and replace it as soon as possible if necessary. The rubber insulation may shrink, so it is advised to not to cut it exact to the fitting of the door width.

  • The door can be noisy, if touches the cement floor too hard. The springs may be the reason for this. Springs can be extremely dangerous, so it is advisable to call a professional to fix the springs properly. While regular door maintenance, lubricate the springs for smooth functioning of the door.

In case, the above mentioned methods couldn’t do much help, call professional technicians to replace the damaged parts. We, at Value Garage Doors, offer reliable repair and replacement solutions for every make and model of garage door at the most competitive price. Our adroit technicians can repair and replace door openers, springs, cables and many other parts of the door.