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Are Broken Garage Door Springs Dangerous?

4 Signs That You Should Replace Your Garage Door Opener

When it is a spring-break down in your garage door, it could be a serious issue to you or other objects in your garage door. Springs in your overhead door play a vital role in operating it. There are two types of springs mounted in your garage door. One is torsion spring installed in a steel tube over the top of the door that helps to transfer the weight of the door to the anchor plate. Another is extension spring that is placed each side of the door. The springs enable you to operate your garage door efficiently.

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4 Signs That You Should Replace Your Garage Door Opener

4 Signs That You Should Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Garage Door openers are an important part to keep your door in functional condition. Almost all garage door openers last for a long time, but, like many other machines, these can also get any problem and require repair or replacement. There are several parts of your garage door and when they create minor problems, in actual they are indicating about the major damage to come in future.

So, one should just identify the warning signs and take help of a professional garage door technician.

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Common Pros & Cons of Steel Garage Doors

Common Pros & Cons of Steel Garage Doors

Are you planning to install a new overhead door? If yes, there are a number of choices available in the market. Before you go out to find the right door for your home or commercial building, decide on your budget, garage space, material, insulation, automatic operation and everything that matters the door opening and closing mechanism.

If you are on a high budget and want a luxury garage door, timber or wood is the material you should go for. In case, your budget is tight and all you want is your vehicle’s safety, invest in a steel garage door. If you don’t want to spend a lot more and a little less, invest in aluminum doors.

No matter, which door style or material you have chosen for installation, each of them has their own pros and cons. Since many people prefer installing a low cost steel door, here we’ll tell you some of its advantages and disadvantages so that you can end up making a better choice.
Pros Of A Steel Garage Door

  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Popular choice among homeowners
  • Comes with customized panels
  • Array of styles & designs available
  • Enhances the home appeal
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Less prone to weather damages

Cons Of A Steel Garage Door

  • Often the steel used is of low quality
  • A bit overpriced for the material
  • Provides a very little insulation
  • Less energy efficient

So, these were the few pros and cons offered by a steel garage door. Though it is affordable, the benefits it offers are far too less compared to wooden or aluminum overhead doors. If you are still unsure about which door style or material you should pick, please feel free to consult our professionals at Value Garage Doors in Mississauga.

All You Need To Know About Garage Door Cable Maintenance

All You Need To Know About Garage Door Cable Maintenance

The garage door is manufactured with various small to big components which operate the entire door. The components include the distinct springs and cables which allow your door to open and close moving smoothly. The garage door cable takes the responsibility to catch the door if the spring breaks down. This is why you have to monitor the garage door cables. There are three types of garage door cables. These are:

  • Torsion Springs: These spring type cable is a lock at one end and stops another end while it is secured by the cable.
  • Extension Springs: Due to long size, the extension springs need extended spring cables., because, it runs on both sides of the door.
  • Safety Cables: Safety cables are installed around the springs to prevent the damage or injury.

How The Garage Door Cables Works
In an unfortunate condition, when your spring breaks, it will put excessive energy on the door and due to an increased amount of force, the door will come down. This forceful action can become a serious problem. Thus, the safety cables work as a backup for broken extension springs and the risk of damage can be lessened.
Signs Of Damaged Cable Door

  • If your garage door is sticking when you open and close, surely it has problem.
  • If your garage door closes too fast, the cable has lost the control and it will break down.

Garage Door Cable Repair
The garage door is a complex mechanism which can open easily, but can’t close perfectly with little knowledge of mechanism. This is why homeowners are suggested immediately concern with the garage door specialist to repair it.
Value Garage Doors offers repair of residential and commercial garage door in Mississauga. Additionally, you can hire our experts for the installation, replacement and maintenance of garage door.

3 Proven Tips For Commercial Garage Doors Maintenance

3 Proven Tips For Commercial Garage Doors Maintenance

Commercial garage doors ensure the safety of each big to small material placed in your warehouse. A garage door that is functioning properly gives peace to your mind that everything is secure. In order to ensure it keeps on working condition, you need to make it withstand any seasonal changes. Because, commercial garage door prone to malfunctions due to lack of care.

So, using the certain important maintenance tips you can rest assured to improve the lifespan of the door ensuring seamless performance.

Inspect The Signs Of Rust The metal garage door stays for years if they are given proper maintenance. Due to unfavourable weather conditions, the garage door gets rusty that ruin the appearance as well as affect the life of a garage door. To sort out this problem you need to apply high-quality wax to the outer and inner side of the door.

Check InsulationNon-insulated garage doors may deliver the loss of energy, as a result, it delivers higher energy bills while regulating indoor temperature. When energy efficiency is a big concern for your commercial needs, you have to upgrade the insulated door. Make sure to check the insulation regularly to maintain the energy efficiency of the garage door.

Watch Out The Weather Seals Due to monsoon, if water is leaking under the roller door, it can cause to the damage of your garage and material you have placed inside. This requires to check the weather seals when there is rain or monsoon season. To resolve this problem you need to replace the bottom rubber seal installed with your garage door.

Keep an eye on your commercial garage door to run it for a long-lasting time. Whenever you are getting any issue, feel free to call Value Garage Doors Repair Mississauga. We have experts to offer 24/7 garage door installation, repair and maintenance services.

Three Facts Determine The Garage Door Repair Or Replacement


Sometimes, your garage door goes through some critical damages and thus a question arises in your mind ‘repair or replacement of garage door’. These situations maybe your garage door’s broken panel, it is out of balance, unable to open and close correctly and any other. You may think about the cost that may be similar for the service of the existing one or installation of a new garage door.

Apparently, if the cost of repair is exceeding then definitely replacement will be a better choice. Over the counter, there are three different causes of garage door damage considering it’s repair and replacement such as:

Cosmetic Damage: Virtually, with passing time, your garage door may get dents & cracks in the panel and its paint may fade away. All these may affect the look of your garage door but do not affect its functions. Moreover, these changes are obvious as the door grows old. Usually, this is a cosmetic damage and can be repaired by spending a little amount of money.

Structural Damage: A structural damage may cause of changing weather or season like extreme temperature conditions. In this kind of damage, you have to replace the doors as it’s operating system takes time and show difficulties when using. So, this is an opportunity to install the new garage door of better quality.

Functional Damage: If your door is creating a problem with its functions like a garage door is stuck, releasing loud, processing slower, etc, then the decision of repair or replacement depends on the situation. If you think, after replacing a torsion spring, it will work properly then go for the repair. Otherwise, you can consult your problem with the professional garage door services provider.

The above-stated problems may appear with an old garage door then you can prefer to install a new garage door.

No matter whether you want the replacement or repair of an existing garage door, you can hire licensed experts at Value Garage Doors. Feel free to call us 24/7 for the emergency services.

Tips To Improve The Security Of Your Garage Door

security-garage-doorGarage doors are the most essential part of every home or business. They are meant to keep your belongings safe and secure. We can’t wait for something wrong to happen so we consider every aspect that can keep our property secure. Still, homeowners don’t pay much heed to the garage doors. Garage door is the largest door in your home and it plays a vital role in keeping you, your family and vehicle safe. It is advisable to take preventative measures to ensure everything is protected. Here are some important tips to make sure your garage door is completely secure.

  • Make sure you never leave your garage door opener in the car.
  • Always choose a remote that can be kept in your keychain as the remote that can clip to your visor are very vulnerable.
  • It is necessary to keep your garage door’s emergency release secure.
  • Always ensure that your have a deadbolt on the door that provides access to your house.
  • Always ensure that you have properly closed the door, even if you are at home.
  • Always install a high quality, secure and sturdy garage door.
  • It is advisable to cover you garage windows so that people from outside can’t see the activities going on inside.
  • Take help from professionals to maintain the pristine condition of all the moving parts of the door. Inspect the door carefully to prevent any potential signs of damage at the early stage.

All these tips will help keep your door and family secure. For more information about garage door installation and security, kindly contact us at Value Garage Doors. Our experts will ensure your garage door performs reliably for years to come.

Dangers Associated With An Old Garage Door

Having an old garage door in your home or business can be extremely risky. It can be a great threat for you, your family and belongings. Apart from this, an old garage door can also harm the curb appeal of your property and reduce the real estate value. Whenever you face a problem with a garage door, never take it lightly and hire a professional technician for immediate help. It is important to get the door repaired periodically or get it replaced if the damages are beyond repair.

It is essential to replace the old garage door otherwise you can face major dangers that come along it:

A Garage Door Fall:
One of the major drawback of an old garage door is the higher chances of falling and crashing down anytime. This situation usually arises when the springs are damaged or outdated. It is advisable to inspect your door periodically and in case you found some serious issue, call a professional technician for the quick resolution.
Severe Break-ins:
One can face severe break-ins if an old garage door is not maintained and repaired on time. Sometimes, when the door is not functioning efficiently, there can be high chances of breakages. It usually happens due rusted spare parts which weaken the door. It’s important to go with higher security features to reduce the risk of thefts.
Fault In Sensors:
If the old door is not working properly, it can harm the performance of door’s reverse sensors and prevents it from closing properly. A serious defect can even lead to the breakage in the sensors.

An old risky door might cause harm to your family members so it’s better to replace it on time. To have an affordable garage door repair, you can choose our garage door professionals at Value Garage Doors.

Basic Garage Door Services You Should Know


At one point or another, you would need to fix a part of your garage door in order to ensure its smooth functioning. A garage door is made up of various different components and you need to make sure that all of them are work properly. When it comes to door maintenance, there are various services available. But how would you know which service you should choose? Here you will learn about the different types of garage door services available and what you should choose.

Garage Door Services

Sensor Services – The garage door sensors require routine maintenance, if damaged, they should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Spring Work – Having a broken spring can hamper the smooth functioning of your door. So, it is advisable to seek professional help to resolve the issue.

Cable Management – Rusted or damaged cables can slow down the proper functionality of the door. Moreover, it also makes weird noises when you open or close the door.

Keyless – Keyless entry allow you move your door at the press of a button. It adds lots of comfort to our lives.

Rollers – If your garage doors rollers are creating loud or weird noise, there may be various reasons behind it. It may be simple wear and tear from everyday use, or there can be some debris in the garage door tracks.

Track – Periodic track repair is a must and it happens quite frequently with garage doors. This is because over time dents and bumps start to begin that lead to various problems.

Replacement – If these services don’t work, then it is essential to get your garage door replaced. There are various sturdy, elegant and diverse range of doors available in the market that can meet your needs and budget.

At Value Garage Doors, we are your local garage door experts. We offer a wide range of garage door maintenance services to ensure smooth functioning of the door. If you would like to know more about our services or company, then give us a call today.

How Old Garage Doors Are More Vulnerable To Thieves?

In preserving the home security, most of the homeowners overlook the importance of garage. It is the place which more likely to stock with the valuables like power tools and vehicles. Any ignorance to its maintenance makes the intruders easily access that space or might rest of the house too. As a result, one has to go through a huge loss of finance and security. It’s essential to consult with the professional to have a proper inspection before it goes into the hands of burglars.

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