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5 Garage Door Problems That Usually Occur In Winters

5 Garage Door Problems That Usually Occur In Winters

In winters, a heavy snowfall can do a lot of wrong around your property surroundings. A cold temperature can cause severe damage to roofs, windows and the most common is your garage door. These extreme weather conditions are a big havoc for a garage door and one can face a number of problems during this season. Being a homeowner, you must be prepared and take preventive actions to solve these issues quickly. If you keep eyes for the warning signs, then you can easily avoid this expensive garage door repair.

Below are the common garage door problems that one can face during the winter seasons:

  1. Broken Garage Door Components: A cold temperature can cause the metal and other pieces to break which further results into garage door malfunction. It mainly affects the door’s springs which is helpful in keeping the door’s weight balanced.
  2. Weather Stripping Problem: During winters, water freezes near the closed garage door and due to which a weather stripping might get stuck. This garage door issue can leave the garage area with poor insulation and increasing energy bills.
  3. Grease Thickening: Usually, low temperatures can cause the grease to become thicken and reduce all the lubricating properties of the garage door. In order to ensure proper functionality, you must hire a professional to remove old and thicker grease to maintain lubricating properties.
  4. Misalignment & Warped Tracks: A heavy snowfall can make the garage door springs to worn out and cause misalignment in the tracks. Only a garage door repair professional can protect the garage door from extreme weather conditions.

When winter strikes, only preventive maintenance, and regular inspection can get you rid of the above problems. If you want to prolong the life of your garage door, then you can call our expert garage door repair technicians at Value Garage Doors.